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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 100s Rap

On Friday night Easter weekend it was that time again!
That is it was ukulele club, Amen!
STEB got the Beast and they headed to the place
The Beverly Hills UMC in this case!
They're just...uking around!

This is also the sight of the Wednesday night hill climbs
On the second half you might have to grind!
STUR was very excited about how her weekend began -
Time again for 100 100's - OH MAN!!
It's always a favorite time of the year -
STEB, CBun, and BLUR joined the fun - give a cheer!
100 100s, here they come!

The PG Sports and Learning Complex is the perfect spot -
Were there a lot of people at the pool? Nope, not a lot!
Adult swim lessons and water aerobics were the main events -
Would the Rabbits finish the 100 100's? We won't keep you in suspense!

STUR, STEB, and CBun jumped in the pool and immediately got to work -
The task at hand they will not shirk!
The first break they took was right at 50 -
Believe it or not it went fairly quickly!
Maddie was cheering them on!

Kept the steady 2 minute interval throughout -
And an IM every tenth one without a doubt!
BLUR and CBun had a great swim too-
They just swam and swam without stopping - woo- hoo!
STUR and STEB motored through the rest till they were done -
Next over to the hot tub they did run!
The leisure pool area where fun won’t be denied
Because as is tradition, the rabbits went down the crazy slide!
After since they were hungry and it is also tradition 
Finding a Chipotle was their mission!
Refueling the tank!

Later STEB hosted a fun gathering of the rabbit crew!
They fueled up with pizza and salad - it's true!!
There might have been some desserts and candy
Everything was just fine and dandy!
The rabbits, sporting some new ears!

They were discussing some of their Kona plans...
Prepping for the big day for KBun, understand?
Sunday morning early, STEB was up
Coffee then she was out the door with Riley her pup!
Next up, time in the saddle on Trixie
She found a better way up, you see.
It's hard for STEB getting on Trixie without the blocks!

To use her double climbing blocks
She got in a good hill work out – that rocks!
Sunday after a nice long sleep in STUR got out the door for a run -
She went a little later than she meant to, so lots of WARM sun!
Tessie out to give STUR some pre-run support!

The last hill on Farmington felt like a beast...
But she ran every step of it to say the least!
Meanwhile, STEB had plans for the day…
The Wizards playoff round 1 game 1, you don’t say?

It was a spectacular game and the Wizards won!
STEB might have even gotten on TV pre-game, son of a gun!
STEB, after photo-bombing the CSNMA Wizards Pre-Game show!

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