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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Podium Parkway Rap

Friday morning STEB did a bike run brick
She was getting ready for the RTC Sprint
Friday after work she headed south on I-95
Destination Richmond that's no jive!
First stop the Redskins training facility
That's where packet pick up was you see
Getting her packet was a breeze
Then she took in the mural of Redskins history
The Redskins history mural was cool!
A quick stop at CVS for supplies
Then the HIE where she would get shut eye
After some hockey and prepping her stuff
It was time for lights out so the alarm wouldn't be rough
In the morning when it was time to load up the car
Rain was falling but not too hard
Got to the venue lickety split
It was still dark but it would be light pretty quick
Set up transition and checked everything out
Especially the pool swim 'course' without a doubt
This was a really fun event!
It was an open water swim set up indoors
Were seven buoy turns too many?  It wasn't a bore!
The bike course was a nice lollipop loop
Not too hilly if you want the scoop
There was a bit of rain and STEB's socks got wet
But she kept a good pace and wasn't spent
For the run STEB had a goal of no walk breaks
Did she do it? Yes, even if it wasn't a piece of cake!
Her bunny ears were kind of a hit
Did STEB appreciate the comments? You bet!
Fun finisher medal!
In the end she managed to snag a podium spot
She was just one from the top!
Podium? Yes!
On Saturday after a nice sleep in STUR was ready to get going!
At the pool, she and the Beast were ready to make a showing!
They made quick work of 5000 meters…
STUR wasn't too sure about the math - but she's not a cheater
Sunday morning, STUR says, "it's time for the GW Parkway Classic!"
Goal is to stay upright and not be spastic!!
The weather turned out to be A-Okay,
Rain taken out of the forecast? You don't say?
At dawn, STUR ran almost two miles to catch her shuttle…
She was all alone for a while, she had to chuckle!
Just a little empty...
Got there way too early but she hates being late,
So, by the bag drop tents she would wait and wait and wait!
Next up: it was time to hop into her start corral:
Happened to run into an old marathon training pal!
Waiting in the start corral!
They started off nice and slow together,
Since the first mile is all downhill, they’d better!
Lovely day for a run!
They parted ways about 5 miles in,
If you don't sing "oh you’re halfway there" it's a sin!
Besides staying upright STUR wanted a negative split,
She got it done with some final mile grit.
And with some cheering from David and BLUR!
Did they wait for her at the finish line? For sure!
Both of them had rocked their own 5K!
BLUR said she had NO SUFFERING - to that we say YAY!
Happy Finishers! 
They invited STUR to breakfast but she had more running to do…
She was going to run all the way home its true!
Ended up running halfway and walking the rest -
Especially with a long hill to home - she thought it best!
Meanwhile, STEB had some training to do -
Another bike run brick? Yes, it’s true!
Believe it or not when she was done she felt energized
Which was good, because she was meeting NanWa for lunch, no lie!
They were prepared to root on the Caps
But this stuff with the Maple Leafs is all crap!

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