There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, May 1, 2017


On Friday STUR, got an early start to her weekend training:
A longish run before work is what she was aiming.
Did her run in DC all around Capitol Hill -
Got in 6.7 miles total - for real!
Friday afternoon, STEB went on a bike ride
In North Springfield with Candy she took it in stride
Got in 31 miles over two loops
It was hot out there if you want the scoop
BLUR was driving down the Avenue of Florida...
When she spied the WuDoc aka KBun Pamela
She was feeding the meter to go to a spin
While BLUR was headed to a two-mile swim
Saturday morning, they were both getting it in
This is what you’d call a win-win!
Meanwhile, STUR and the Beast met up once again!
For 5000 meters they practiced long, smooth strokes - very Zen!
Afterwards she and JRab tested their grill to start the season -
They had chicken and veggies on hand - an excellent reason!

Also on Saturday STEB and Riley headed back to PA
There was a family thing and a race…you don’t say?
Stupid black and gold....It's everywhere at Stilt's house!

Saturday night it was a rivalry of sorts
But the Caps didn't seem to show up but STEB is a good sport
Ready to tackle the Mt. Summit Challenge!

Sunday morning STEB, Stilt, and Deed ran up a hill
It was 20 degrees hotter than last year, so yup, it was a pill!
Basically uphill...the whole way!

Bubba was their trusty shuttle driver
Was nice not having to run down the hill after!
Runners at the ready with their trusty shuttle driver, Bubba!

Deed won her age group again
She defended her title for the win!
Deed with her age group winner mug! She needed a replacement it seems...
Happy finishers all around!

Stilt was brave and stopped to hail an ambulance
An older gentleman looked awful - she didn’t want to take a chance!
It's the uphill grind!

In the end they all had fun
Despite the heat they got it done!
Lovely view along the race course. Not too bad of a drop off!

They made a pit-stop on the way back at Sheetz
No Slurpees but a raspberry slushee to say the least!
Post race - appreciating the scenery (dammit)!!

Back in VA, STUR took time to work on her jump rope double-unders -
What did she do next - you wonder?
She spent some time with JRab at target practice -
Believe it or not a near bulls-eye was her status!
Check out STUR's made shooting skills!

After a traditional Five Guys burger it was time to go -
She had a date with 4000 swim meters don't you know!

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