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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Windy Indy Amsterdam Rap

STUR headed to the airport early on Friday-
Time for her getaway to Indianapolis- YAY!
Flights went smoothly as to be expected-
Bumpy and rainy- just glad she wasn't ejected!
Shuttle to her hotel then met Jeff and Andy-
Their hotels were connected on the inside- very handy!!
Packet pick up at the Indiana convention center-
THE Wall of Fame!

Found her name on the wall of fame- winner! 
Zooming in on STUR and Andy!
Before dinner they had some time to kill-
Toured the Indiana State House - for real!
Inside the Indiana State House - Shhh!

Went back to the expo to meet up with local friend Mark-
This had been planning this all along- it wasn't on a lark!
He kindly suggested a place to carbo load-
It had great spaghetti and meat balls - they were sold!
STUR was very tired from her long morning of travel-
Time to hit the sack so she wouldn't unravel...
STEB had a nice day of rest on Friday
But Saturday of course she would get up early
First she attended a Yappy Hour party
To send off Peanut for the Running of the Chihuahuas smarty!
Little Peanut in her Cinco de Mayo dress! Sorry for the butt view!

She was there with Andrew and Riley
Who of course was quite smiley!
Got to meet a couple of cute pups
And dinner on the deck was what was up!
Race morning STUR was even able to sleep in a bit-
Start of the race right outside her window - that's legit!
Welcome to Indianapolis!!

Donned her bunny ears and headed to the 5k mass corral -
Even though cool and rainy- the crowd boosted her morale!
She was however seated mostly in the back…
Started to run and made contact with a man - whack!
Apparently these peeps were planning to walk -
She carefully made her way to the runners - she didn't balk.
When the 5k was done she trotted back to the start of the half -
Race number two?!! She had to laugh!
This time she started off way to fast -
Everyone was running - at this pace she wouldn't last.
Ran the same first 3 miles as she did before -
Settled into a more appropriate pace - SCORE!
Lots of folks out cheering and there was no more rain -
For all the bands and DJs that would have been a pain!
And was it "more cowbell" you needed?
Because around mile 3 by the cowbell lady you were greeted!
The aid stations once again were known as the "PITAREA"-
Ohhhh, it's Pit Area!

Very well stocked with water and Gatorade, there was no hysteria.
At mile 6 you finally arrive at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Andy and Jeff both got high 5's from Meb Keflezighi in there - no way!!
He must have moved on by the time STUR got there -
On THE track!!!

But she "flew" through the 2.5 miles without a care!
Once out of the track there was still a bit more to go…
WELCOME to Indianapolis Motor Speedway!!

The spectators and the crowds kept us entertained - putting on a show.
Finally STUR hits yet another finish line - she can sing!
Then she was on a mission to find that bling!
Look at that haul!!!

The "bling tent" is where she met the rest of her crew -
Had to walk around with THREE medals… What's a rabbit to do?
Happy finishers!!

She did just that while they all got some food -
And lots of talk about their respective races ensued.
It's a lovely morning to swim!

Saturday morning STEB first swam at Audrey Moore
The water temp was perfect!

Did she then run 9 miles in the rain? Sure!
Run start!

Underneath Braddock Road the trail was a muddy mess
This bridge was lovely, underneath Braddock Road, not so much!

So on the way back STEB took a trail detour – no jest!
Along the way she stopped for just a few...
No fishing!

Over the Lake Accotink dam, a the scenic view!
You are up higher than you think!
(But not 300 steps high!)

Later met up with some high school peeps
Back at Kilroy’s it was fun to say the least
Beers and apps? Yes!

Meanwhile, after a shower and nap STUR and her group went out around town…
A bit of walking and then the Indiana War Memorial was found!
Indiana War Memorial

These post-race peeps walked up 300 steps to the top for a view
Nice view from up top!
(Only 300 steps!)

This took well over 5 minutes - whew!
Met Mark again for pizza at a place called Bazbeaux's
For the evening entertainment a play is what they chose.
Sunday morning was another early day
STEB met Jeff to ride 46 miles you don't say?
They started off at Nokesville Park
Met a gal who'd done both IM Choo races on a lark
She gave STEB a few course tips
STEB is really looking forward to this!
It was a pretty windy ride
And that course is not flat - no surprise?!
Ohhhh, over halfway there!!

Followed the ride up with a short run
Ledo's Pizza after - all in all it was fun!
Sunday night was another Wizards playoff game
Number 4 and they tied the series up - insane!
Cool T-shirt giveaway laid out in the DC Flag pattern!

This time no players got ejected...
The home crowd was off the charts, as expected!
Sunday STUR, Andy, and Jeff had more time to play-
After breakfast they headed to the Indianapolis Zoo for the day
Saw dolphins and dogs in their respective talent shows -
Also, antics in the orangutan area was a go!
Travel back home was a tiny bit problematic -
But everyone got to their respective places - not too traumatic!
Meanwhile, BLUR was in Amsterdam…
She was working, not there on the lam!
Amsterdam is known as Venice of the North!!

Did she run through tulips and tourists and canals?
Lovely tulip gardens!
Lots of tourists!
Yes, and she also got to see a couple of her pals!
Fun to meet up with friends while away on business!
(And looks - more tulips!)

There was something funny in her room lying around...
Her own personal keg of Heiny could be found!
Pour me a Heiny!
And our fearless KBun was off doing good stuff
She walked many miles for the AVON 39 - it was tough
Pam the KBun with a racing President!

The Walk to End Breast Cancer raises money to make a difference
Please considering donating, if you wish.

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