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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kipping Fixie Cap Rap

Saturday morning was the Cap2Cap Half Century
STEB was ready to roll – woo wee
STEB - ready to roll!

Despite the rather wet conditions
And lack of sleep – she had a mission!
One last solid training ride
Before 70.3 Choo arrived!
At the start they played Walking on Sunshine
Which was funny since it was raining at that time!
Lovely morning for a ride! (It really was!)

STEB couldn’t stop singing the song Centerfield
Because a lady's shirt said 'put me in coach' for reals!
In hindsight STEB should've ridden Trixie
Because Candy was acting like a fixie!!  
Candy - before the fixie incident!

See sometimes Candy's gears won't shift
STEB just rolled with it and wasn't miffed
She rode by what looked like a huge sun dial
But with the overcast you wouldn't be able to tell time for a while
STEB wasn't worried about the bike pace line
It wasn't a race anyway so that's fine
Rest stop number two was at a church
They had quite a sense of humor – guess which was her perch?
STEB was in...the WAR ROOM!

Went past a couple of battlefields along the wayBut there were no reenactments that day!
The rain eventually stopped and the sun tried to come out
STEB felt like she could have pedaled more than 50 without a doubt! 

On Saturday morning- STUR met the Beast at their usual place-
4500 meter swim at a very nice pace!
Next she scooted over to CFK for a kipping pull up class -
After a while her shoulders ran out of gas!
While taking Riley for her Sunday morning stroll
STEB saw lots of bug exoskeletons - whoa!!
The 17 Year Cicadas are BACK!

Next headed to the Mother’s Day 4 Miler race
She was not worried about her pace
The start/finish line!

Got lost when arriving at the race venue
STEB was a little stressed and confused
What? No porta potty lines?
A Mother's Day gift - that sounds just fine!
Saw Leanne and her daughter Alexis
Stopped for a scenic group selfie - of course
Always nice to see familiar faces!

Back to the corrals and found her friend Kim
They decided to run the race together – win!
Happy to be running with Kim!

While standing in line at the back of the pack
STEB ran into Caroline – how about that?  
So nice to see Caroline!

Had not seen her in practically forever –
She really misses swimming behind her!
Next day STUR was SUPER sore but that was the bomb -
In her chest and core she had the DOMS!
This time she and the Beast had a different plan-
Going to drive all the way over to PWFP but not for a suntan!
The Beast would bike and STUR would run!
Saw each other twice on the loop - what fun!
STUR and The Beast! They are kick @$$!

STUR got in a solid 7.2 and the beast 18 -
It was quiet out there - not the place to be seen?
After a brief rest, The Beast and STUR were back at it...
Ended up with 4800 swim meters – they didn’t quit!
At her turnaround point on a nice Sunday run
KBun met Sailor the horse at Meadowbrook Stables – how fun!
He wanted an apple but you’re not allowed to feed -
Look at KBun’s pearly whites next to that steed?!
KBun and Sailor!

Blur has no pictures and hardly a rhyme,
But to swim two miles and run three, she had time.
Hours of work getting her house for sale squeaky clean.
Then house hunting in between.
Celebrating her anniversary dinner out,
Followed by purging, de-cluttering and sorting things out
Later, STEB tried something new for dinner
Beer Butt Chicken – and it was a winner!
Actually, it's Beer Can Chicken! 

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