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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Battle and Power Rap

Saturday morning STUR did the Battlefield half marathon out in Winchester-
These races are always just for fun- no pressure!
The drive down was all in the dark-
Very easily found a place to park.
Got her number and was greeted with cannons from the civil war-
It's a cannon!

Out by the start line there were even more!
Cannons everywhere!

In fact the start was signaled by the firing of one of these-
Scared the "bejesus" out of STUR- oh geez!
Surprised to see elite runners were in attendance-
Watching them warm up with their amazing strides- almost transcendent.
Ready to roll!

Line up time- STUR still in her gloves and long sleeves-
Not long before the warm up would be achieved.
An out and back in a neighborhood started them off-
STUR's knee dictates run/ walk don't scoff!
Took time to appreciate the scenery! (Dammit!)

She was also surprised a good bit of the race was off road-
During this part she really slowed!
Otherwise the course was NOT so surprisingly hilly-
At least there were perfect running temps- just a tad chilly.
STUR had fun going back and forth with many other peeps-
Were there aid stations and friendly volunteers? Heaps!
The finish and start lines were in different spots-
Did STUR get some pizza and gummy bears? Lots!
Nice medal (and nice hat)!!

On Saturday STEB was a total lazy bones
She kind of slept in and did some chores at home
Took down Halloween then got a dent fixed
Right in the Home Depot parking lot - in a jiff!
She finally took out her sewing machine
Got it threaded and sewed up t-shirt pillows it would seem
It's much faster with a sewing machine!
Sunday morning, even with the clock change
STEB couldn't sleep in as usual... that's not strange
Then at 9am she had somewhere to be
It was Tyson's Playground and it was neat!
Yay for a new rig!

You see STEB had her first official powerlifting workout
And she practiced the bench press without a doubt
She surprised herself and also had a good time
And is looking forward to getting stronger down the line!
STEB has a little light reading to do...

Sunday afternoon she got together with Nanette
Did they have lunch and get caught up? You bet!
Always good to catch up!

After a relatively lazy Sunday - STUR popped up with the Beast for a swim -
There were many crowded lanes with swimmers to the brim!

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