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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, November 13, 2017


Friday night meant Uke Club for some of the rabbits
STEB met up with the Beast, Mike, and others to practice their habit
The blue and yellow Daily Ukulele books were in use
Even if you don't have one you can share - no excuse!
Ready to uke around!
They played for nearly two hours straight
STEB still has sore fingertips for goodness sake
Saturday morning meant a brick of swim and run
It was also a tad chilly out but STEB had fun
It was a bit tough getting into to the swimming groove
But in the end it was the right move
Afterwards she ran an easy loop
Partly on single track and that's the scoop
STEB did not have to do much yielding!

For her run Saturday STUR got a bit of a late start-
She was helping her doggie Tessie before she did depart.
Arrived at Mt Vernon trail on a chilly day-
The parking lot was almost empty - no way!
Say no to the freeze!!

Parts of the trail looked like the frozen tundra-
How far to run was the conundrum!
The trail was eerily quiet for the weekend-
Not so many cyclists around each bend!
Scenic selfie!

Potomac river selfie at her 4 mile turnaround place-
She could take her time it wasn't a race.
After coffee with RBud that afternoon​
STEB tried to take a nap before having to zoom
Off to CapOne Arena for the Wizards game against the Hawks
The Wiz finished off nicely which of course rocks
STEB was behind the biggest Wizards fan
Selfie with a wizard? Sure why not, man!
This dude is AUsome!!

She also got pics of some cool arena stuff
Like a championship trophy among other things sure enough!
It's the 40th anniversary season of the year the Bullets (Wizards) won the NBA Championship!
And...The Opera isn't over 'till the fat lady sings!

Nice view of the banners!

Sunday morning STEB was back at the Tyson's Playground
Giving the powerlifting team workout another go'round
Another view of the 'playground'!

That afternoon she had more coffee plans
She met up with her 11th grade English teacher, understand?
They got caught up on many years
And reminisced about things from back in the days that might not have been clear...
Sunday STUR wanted to run some more -
Got in 4 miles in her neighborhood- score!
Next she and JRab had some plans:
Headed to watch the Vikings play the Redskins - yeah man!
Skol Vikings!

The two were happy with the game's outcome…
Hope Washington fans weren't too glum!?
#HTTR anyway!!

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