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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pre Turkey Rap

Friday night STEB went to the Wizards game
They played poorly but came back close - insane
The game flow looked like a crazy bike elevation profile
The could ride it and would not be in denial!
Is this a game flow chart or a bike elevation profile?

Saturday morning STUR hit up the Mt Vernon trail-
She wanted to get in her 10 miles without fail.
Ran 3 miles out to Chrissie Wellington road-
She started slow-she didn't want to implode.
Then headed 2 miles out under the Woodrow Wilson bridge-
Had some pain in her knee but didn't get discouraged.
STUR selfie on the run!

Finished her 10 and headed to Five Guys -
Just got a burger and skipped the fries.
Meanwhile STEB was spectating a powerlifting meet
All the folks were inspiring and it was really neat
Got to hang out with Barry for a bit
Bummed she forgot to take a selfie pic!
Sunday morning brought a short shake out run-
Then some burpees just for "fun"-
Sunday STEB was busy as can be
Starting with a 4 mile run you see
After she did a powerlifting squat workout...
Then headed over to see KBun without a doubt!

STUR and STEB were together at masters swim later -
They had fun with turkey relays at end - don't be a hater.
STEB thought it was great to see STUR at the swim practiceBut the 25 meter pool kicked her butt - that's a fact!

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