There's always room for another race!

There's always room for another race!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pre Turkey Rap

Friday night STEB went to the Wizards game
They played poorly but came back close - insane
The game flow looked like a crazy bike elevation profile
The could ride it and would not be in denial!
Is this a game flow chart or a bike elevation profile?

Saturday morning STUR hit up the Mt Vernon trail-
She wanted to get in her 10 miles without fail.
Ran 3 miles out to Chrissie Wellington road-
She started slow-she didn't want to implode.
Then headed 2 miles out under the Woodrow Wilson bridge-
Had some pain in her knee but didn't get discouraged.
STUR selfie on the run!

Finished her 10 and headed to Five Guys -
Just got a burger and skipped the fries.
Meanwhile STEB was spectating a powerlifting meet
All the folks were inspiring and it was really neat
Got to hang out with Barry for a bit
Bummed she forgot to take a selfie pic!
Sunday morning brought a short shake out run-
Then some burpees just for "fun"-
Sunday STEB was busy as can be
Starting with a 4 mile run you see
After she did a powerlifting squat workout...
Then headed over to see KBun without a doubt!

STUR and STEB were together at masters swim later -
They had fun with turkey relays at end - don't be a hater.
STEB thought it was great to see STUR at the swim practiceBut the 25 meter pool kicked her butt - that's a fact!

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