There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dolphin Challenge Rap

The Rabbits sure made excellent time
And we are giving all credit to our pre-race rhyme!
Shamrock packet pick-up was a breeze
Teeth whitening anyone? If you please!
In a frenzy we visited the BondiBand stand
There's plenty to go around - no need to fight, man!
Our usual Isle of Capri was full and had no space
So the Rabbits walked 11 blocks to find another place
Sofia's was the place we had our meal
The wait staff was AUsome and it was a good deal!
After dinner the Rabbits went on a drug store quest
Looking for water and supplies put us to the test
Then back to the hotel the Rabbits did go
Race day dawns bright and early, don't you know?
Team Rabbit got a shout out at the 8K start
With our rabbit ears on we all did our part
The sun came out and it got a little warm
While we were in the party tent outside there was a storm
Wearing our medals we danced and got out of hand
Borderline Crazy was the name of the band!
After a nap and a shower it was time for bunny fun
Audrey, Maddie, and Betty needed time in the sun
These stuffed bunnies do not run
But when it comes to a race they help a ton!
A photo op with King Neptune and a walk on the beach
We didn't get into the water but it was within our reach!
Back to the hotel for a TV marathon
Law & Order SVU is all we had on
For dinner Buffalo Wild Wings was our destination
We walked the 11 blocks without hesitation!
However those 11 blocks did come back to haunt
Heavy rain and wind accompanied our return jaunt!
Early to bed and early to rise
Race start in front of our hotel was our prize!
The race had a delay; we weren't sure why
It was so cold we wanted to cry!
We finally got the green light to go.
It was time to start the half marathon show!
There was a lot of St. Patty's day green
But with our rabbit ears up we could be seen!
Once again the Rabbits had to fight the wind
Races at the beach it must be a trend!
Energizer Bunny was recognized from two other places
Resolution 10K and Love Rox were the races
The music on the course was kind of fun
But we couldn't stay and listen 'cause we had to run!
When little kids spot the Rabbits it makes them smile
Seeing their faces makes it all worth the while
Along the boardwalk King Neptune promised the wind at our back
But we think he was just a little off track.
We finally went through the finisher's chute
Where we picked up some really cool loot!
Through the sand we shuffled to the party tent
Straight to the beer table we were sent!
On a chilly day the finisher's blanket was all the rage
Kept us warm as did the dancing to the band on the stage
While we were enjoying our post-race beers
Judy and Leanne spotted our ears!
It was now time to go back to the room
A warm shower couldn't happen too soon!
The Rabbits all had pizza on their mind
Pizzeria Restaurant is where they dined!
After lunch and a nap one bunny said farewell
The others were glad to stay - can't you tell?
It's time for some St. Patty's Day Shenanigans
Back to Buffalo Wild Wings again?
The Shamrock weekend Dolphin Challenge was a success
It's all about the medals and swag I'm sure you could guess!
We cannot believe all the stuff that we got
It's tough to list it out - but we'll give it a shot.
A blanket, 5 cups, finisher hat, and 4 bags
2 shirts, a koozie, 2 medals - that's a lot of swag!
J&A Racing has done it again
In the mail we can't wait to get our Dolphin Challenge pin!