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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lilac Track Rap

Thursday STEB headed back to the mitten…
Seems that she is a little bit smitten!
Arrived at DTW airport right on time
Read while she waited for RBug – it was all fine
And they are off!

Friday morning, they headed up to Mackinac Island
Had to take the ferry to get there, understand?
STEB kept singing Ferry Cross the Mersey
They were on the Star Line crossing Lake Huron you see
Docked and took a short walk to the Small Point B&B
They had a lovely view of the lake and could hear the bell of a buoy!
Small Point B&B is just lovely!

They had to use steep stairs to get to their room
These steps were steep but the view from the top was worth it!

Up on the third floor -  they could spot the water and lilac blooms!
Nice views from every angle!

It was also time for the Lilac Festival
They were blooming everywhere and smelled wonderful
Lovely lilacs - everywhere!

That afternoon RBug had to do some work PR
So STEB biked 8.2 miles with T, on a beach cruiser!
STEB's and RBug's bikes for the weekend!

Stopped a couple of times for the view and to dip her toes in
Arch Rock from the road!

Along the East side of the island!

To Lake Huron that is - they were not frozen! 
STEB had to put her toes in!

Dinner that night was Island Slice
Down town Mackinac Island was so neat!

The pizza there is quite yummy – how nice!

STUR started her Saturday with a track workout of sorts -
A 3 x 800 was the final report!
She ran another 4 miles at just a cruising speed
Was it feeling very warm at the end? Indeed!!
Next she hit the pool with the Beast -
It's recovery week so the "meterage" is somewhat decreased!
In mitten land Saturday morning started off a little bit lazy
STEB had waffles for breakfast – how crazy!
Rode their bikes to the start of the Lilac 10K
They were nice to have after the race ended by the way
Start time was not until 9:30 AM
T was their sherpa and cheer crew - amen!
Rabbits are ready!

The race started off flat for a half mile or so
Then a turn went uphill for about a mile, don’t you know?

There were a lot of cool things to view if you want the scoop
This was quite peaceful.

Just be sure to be on the lookout for clumps of horse poop!
The airport on Mackinac Island!

Then the reward was a nice stretch of downhill - yay

Which turned out to be their fastest mile split of the day!
Downhill to a lovely view!

Another turn then they ran along the water
Got to see the Mackinac Bridge over yonder!
There's the bridge - all 5.5 miles of it!

Some of the B&B guests were racing, others were spectating
It was fun when they cheered for Team Rabbit while they were running
It's T, the DJ!

T caught up with RBug and STEB and played his boom box
Other runners liked his music selections – it was the tops!
Then they made a new friend in the final mile,
After they finished the three were all smiles!
They did it!

She was from a familiar town up in the U-P
STEB has other friends there in the town of Menominee!
That afternoon they took another trip around the perimeter of the island
STEB climbed 207 for the view - this panoramic is inspiring!
Only 207 steps up - not too bad!

Panoramic view from Arch  Rock!

Arch Rock was cool and looked a bit like the Natural Bridge in Virginia!

Saturday night the island crew went to dinner with their host
At the Yankee Rebel where STEB had the pot roast!
The pot roast was yummy!

There was some shopping fun after dinner
Caddywampus had some neat stuff – it’s a winner! 
But lo and behold Sunday begins the count of a new week of swimming-
20,000 meters this week is what STUR and the Beast'll be hitting!
Started the count off right with 2 miles in the National Harbor -
Would anyone wear a wetsuit? Hardly anyone would bother!
Calm harbor water!

The water temp was a perfect seventy-six -
And the Potomac was calm - not up to any tricks!
Happy swimmers!

Later that day she was back in the pool…
Finished up with 7000 meters for the day and stayed very cool!
Sunday morning STEB and RBug took a little jaunt
Up into the town to see a couple of haunts
First they checked out the fort on the hill
At that hour it wasn't opened...oh well!
STEB would like to check out the fort from the inside, next time!

Next they headed over to the check out the Grand Hotel -
Bet staying there would be pretty swell!
Side view of the Grand!

Sadly for STEB on Sunday things had to come to an end
Took a horse drawn taxi to the dock to catch the ferry again
Views from the horse drawn taxi!

She really enjoyed her time in Michigan
Oh the ferry back to the mainland!

And was happy to visit her friends
She got to check off new state number two for the year
And is looking forward to the next one – never fear!

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