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Friday, June 30, 2017

53 Rap

On the way to STEB's first birthday swim STUR spotted a rainbow -
The morning sky was really putting on a show!
This picture doesn't do the rainbow justice!
It was cool and cloudy first thing -
But swimming in an outdoor pool is King!
STEB had to use her windshield wipers along the way
But by the time she got to the pool the rain went away
It had been a while since STEB swam long course pool
It seemed so far to the other end - almost cruel!
But pretty soon she got into a rhythm
And she was happy with the 2800 meters she swum
Turns out it was broken 700s times four
She didn't have time for the 400 IM - score!
Swim #1 - check!
After 3400 meters done STUR was happy that the traffic home was light -
Excited because having STEB at Crossfit would be a delight!
After swim STEB got a birthday treat from Starbucks
Didn't have to pay for it either - aww shucks!
A short break then time for workout number two
Met STUR at CrossFit Kingstown for some snatches and KBS but no DUs
CFK here they come!
Coach Cedric gave them the scoop -
Two of STUR's favorites - KBS and jump-rope - whoop!!
Coach Cedric rocks!
After another short break it was the lunchtime swim
She met up with the Beast and STUR again!
STEB had fun swimming in the short course pool -
Got in 2400 meters this time and that was pretty cool
Didn't fit in the final 1800 straight
But getting in a straight 1600 was great
After lunch swim, STUR  was way over her intended meterage for the day:
Turns out 6400 meters was her final count - no way!
But while she was swimming there was only one thing she could think about:
Lunch at Chick-fil-A - let's give a SHOUT!!
Swim #2 - check!
Next up was the last part of the tradition
Yes, Chick-fil-A for a late lunch was their mission!
And that's a wrap!
It was a successful birthday swim day
STEB was happy that STUR and the Beast came to play!
STUR always enjoys the birthday tradition -
So fun to see how many meters in the pool they can fit in!

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