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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth the Beltway Rap

Friday afternoon STEB did a recovery ride
Easy gear and light on the pedals according to the guide
It was Candy's turn for some exercise
And it's nice to change it up once in a while
Candy - ready to roll!

Started at the W&OD Railroad Regional Park around mile 9
This will be a familiar place this summer and that's totally fine

And at the end crossed over the beltway and back
Glad she wasn't stuck in that traffic that would be whack
Views from Friday's recovery ride!

Saturday early STEB ran from her house to North Springfield and back.
It was muggy out but the breeze was nice - that's a fact!
Saturday morning clouds!

Had to run by two blobs on the sidewalk that were gross...
Were they dog poop or human puke? Who knows!
She went under beltway twice
No one lurking up on the ledge that was nice
STEB is reading "It" and thought it a bit creepy running underneath the Beltway!

Then STEB was going to help out at a swim meet at her old pool
Edsall Park Dolphins fell to the Broyhill Crest Barracudas - boo
Great morning for swim meet!

But she had fun helping out
Plans to do it again without a doubt!
Apparently there's a timers dress code
White shirt and blue shorts - next time STEB will know!
She checked out the record board
The oldest was from 1966 for 8U 25 back. Word.
STEB may have had a record or two on this board way back in the day!

Saturday morning STUR headed herself right back to the pool-
She had to cap off her 24,000 weekly meters- she ain't no fool!
She and the Beast got 4000 done lickety split-
It went off without much fuss they must admit!
Later that afternoon STEB and Riley had a date!
Lunch with friends and meeting Georgie their dog - it was great!
Georgie is gorgeous!
They were there during the brief thunderstorm
Riley hid under their table as per her norm
Sunday STEB got another early start before 7 AM
Not a lot of W&OD traffic and that was grand
Saw two foxes, a turtle, and three chipmunks along the trail
Then a bug hitchhiked on STEB's leg till he bailed!
Again did an out and back to Smith's Switch Station
This time remembered a picture for Team Rabbit's blog nation
Views at Smith's Switch Station!
On Sunday - STUR got to National Harbor before anyone else.
Running early is a good idea- she didn't want to melt!
Made it all the way over the beltway bridge and a bit toward Mt. Vernon...
For a lot of shade this Rabbit was really yearning!
STUR, checking out the Mt. Vernon Trail map!
Back at the Harbor she met up with her funny friends-
To swim in the Potomac is what they did intend!
BLUR, CBun, and KBun were all in attendance -
And they all jumped in the water with a vengeance!
When they were done they celebrated on the dock-
Sunrise swims at the harbor seriously rock!!
Wascally Wabbits! 

Sunday night STEB met CBun for the sunset practice
At Lake Newport Pool - the water was fantastic
Sunset Selfie before Sunset Practice!

This meant CBun was swimming a double
As a matter of fact - and it wasn't any trouble!
STEB had fun swimming underwater with fins
And did a start and swam 50 free for time on a whim
She enjoyed meeting the Reston Masters swimmers
Their outdoor 50 meter pool is definitely a winner!
Tuesday was Independence Day
The Rabbits of course were going to play
STEB did the kick AST tri - it's an annual event
Annandale Swim and Tennis - was where her morning was spent
She swam in a lane with Jodi and Colleen
800 meters - the water was cool and clean
Around 7:30 everyone left on the bike
Riding as a group everyone stayed in sight
No one got lost as they arrived back to the pool
Because dropping a rider would be uncool!
Finally everyone headed out on the last leg
Some folks ran while others walked instead
Conquered the 2017 kickASTtri!
As always it was a fun way to start the holiday
Thanks Joe and Mike for the hospitality!
It had been a long time but STUR took Sheila out for a ride-
Time to get back in the saddle- she wouldn't be denied!
At Fort Hunt Park she rode for an hour -
Then for a short brick run- she had the power!
Happy Rabbits!
Later at the CBungalow some Rabbits did gather;
They enjoyed a signature drink called the Bushwhacker!
Silly Rabbits...
It was a mixture of different liquors and ice cream…
Much to the delight of the Rabbit team!
Bushwhacker ingredients!

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