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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stormy Swim SUP Rap

This weekend STEB took a little trip to see her God Child
Just like last time a good time was had by all - it was wild!
Started things off with at an amazing breakfast joint
#BreakfastRepublic loves bacon is their point!
This place was amazing!!

STUR once again awoke on a Saturday at the crack-
She had to wear a headlamp at first- no way Jack!
Lovely views on STUR's run!

So many large groups on the Mt Vernon Trail running-
Since a lot of fall marathons will soon be coming!
She ran from Belle View to almost Fort Hunt -
There's just a couple of hills she had to confront!
Once done she settled by the river on a bench -
Did her burpees and in sweat she was drenched!
Burpees - check!!

STEB even went by Verona but not by bus
This was a different Verona....

She ran there Saturday, it was really no fuss
Tana's boyfriend took STEB for a run...
Thanks, Justin, it was really fun!
They did an out and back next to Mission Beach
Followed by breakfast and then a scenic bike tour - neat!
Nice point to point ride - the shuttle to the start / top of Mt. Soledad was nice!

Got to see some pretty cool sights and sounds
Including seals and sea lions, just swimming around!
Seals are so cute! And the scenery was lovely!

Ended with a walk down 145 steps to La Jolla's Sunny Jim Cave 
But coming back up after was not STEB's fave!
The La Jolla Cave and Matt the awesome bike guide!

Saturday night was a really cool themed event
An avant-garde costume gala fashion show is where they went!
Some sights from the Vanguard Culture event!

After a stormy night STUR headed National Harbor on a less humid day -
CBun was there to swim, too. Yay!
Mermaid selfie - it's tradition!

Last open water swim before a race next weekend -
Three rabbits will attempt the 10KEH- throwing caution to the wind!
Sunday afternoon STEB finally got to try SUP and it was a blast…
Except for the dude in the no wake zone going too fast!
Crazy SUP route in Mission Bay!

Sunday was an outdoor concert - The Mighty Untouchables were fab
But forgetting dessert at home made everyone sad!
Gorgeous rose gardens! STEB was lost in there!

Monday STEB and her God Child went on a 2 mile walk
A nice little loop!

Through Balboa Park - that place rocks!
These tree root systems were amazing!

One part of the park had a super steep path
When they got to the top they were out of gas!
Seriously steep path up!

Tana took STEB to a hidden San Diego spot -
The Spruce Street suspension bridge really rocked!
Suspension Bridge Selfie!

Final dinner was at a place called Hodad’s
They weren’t pretending to be surfers, but it was pretty rad!
License plates everyone! Even some from Virginia!

STEB was excited to do a bunch of fun stuff
Looking forward to her next trip there - she can't get enough!
Lovely SD sunset!

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