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Monday, July 10, 2017

Muncie to Colonial Beach Rap

On Saturday morning STUR and STEB had to get up at the crack-
Waking up at 3:00 AM is really really whack!
Once they met up they STUR and STEB hopped in the car
Headed out to a race venue - not too far
Even though it was only a mini rabbit road trip
Having Good & Plenty for the ride is legit!
"Official" snack food of Team Rabbit!
They were going down to Colonial Beach -
Where a sprint triathlon/aqua bike was in their reach!
Arrived at the venue in good time
Loaned Leanne a pump - that's not a crime
Sheila and Trixie - just hanging around!
After they checked in they set up transition -
Going to the porta potty more than once was a good decision!
It's hard taking selfies looking into the sunrise!
Of course there was time for a photo op...
Hit the beach for the pre-race briefing where The National Anthem rocked
STUR took some time to look at the swim map-
Maybe it didn't sink in since she had a small mishap...
Colonial Beach Sprint Swim Course
The swim course was sort of a rectangle
Had to swim it clockwise and not get mangled
Going around the final turn buoy that is
STUR and STEB both caught the cable - gee whiz!
STUR had to swim a bit back to that final buoy -
But she could see the finish - the yellow waving man was groovy!
Took her time in transition - that's what she does,
Time to put on the biking gloves!
Ahead of her was a 14 mile jaunt -
You can take your time if you want.
That's exactly what STUR decided to do -
Just her second time on the bike this year - it's true!!
STEB forgot to switch her watch as she came out of the water
Swimming on the land? No bother!
STEB was doing the sand crawl....
Because she was doing the aqua bike and would not run
STEB was prepared to bike hard and have some fun!
Caught up with STUR around mile five…
They discussed IMWI's Stagecoach Road - no jive!
Finally made it back to transition
Checked in at the aqua bike finish tent then learned her position
Turns out she was first in that category
Got a cool blanket if you want the story!
Winner, winner chicken dinner -
STEB was the first female aqua-bike finisher!
STUR made it through the 14 miles - whew!!
Now it's time to look for a running shoe or two!
Saw STEB who was done with her Aqua bike-
She'll take a picture of you in transition if you like!
STUR in T2 - looking for her other shoe!
STEB accompanied STUR for the first part of the run -
It seemed all of it would be in the direct sun!
STUR enjoyed many comments about the ears this time:
"You better hop, hop, hop to the finish line!"
Or, "Oh no! I forgot MY bunny ears!"
Then this dude passed her and disappeared!
STUR, coming down the home stretch!
All in all STUR was happy with her experience!
Sprint tris are fun and not too serious!
Post-race - the happy finishers!
They had Ledo's Pizza at the finishers party
But still hungry so had Chick-fil-A on the way home smarty!
Cute sign in the Waldorf Chick-fil-A!
Saturday evening STEB headed over to her pool
She was doing the lap-a-thon with the swim team - cool
Ready for the lap-a-thon!
Swam 200 lengths in about 2 hours - no trouble
Got pizza after so it was a pizza day double!
Sunday morning STEB started her ride around 7:00 AM
The weather on this day was her friend
STEB and Trixie - ready to roll!
Starting from the upper lot at Lake Accotink Park
Did the loop of North Springfield that she modified on a lark
On her ride STEB saw some squirrels and one black cat
She was happy that he didn't cross her path!
After Saturday's effort she was happy with her pace
Though her legs felt a bit tired as was the case
Sunday morning STUR headed over to National Harbor -
Time to don the goggles and swim cap armor.
But first a short 30 minute run will happen...
Swim starts soon so she got cracking!
Met up with BLUR right on the dock -
Such a beautiful day out - it rocked!
BLUR swam and swam to the bitter end -
STUR got out at 9 loops - that's what she did intend.
The water temp was perfect and a bit choppy -
Neither rabbit was bothered that it was rocky.
After STEB's ride it was time for a little run -
A loop around the lake - it was nice to be out of the sun
Lovely view of Lake Accotink!
Lots of people were out and about -
And she ran by a little dog party without a doubt
Running by the train tracks is always pretty cool
Especially when one comes barreling through!
No playing on the tracks!
Managed to run up the dam hill
At the top tripped over something but didn't take a spill
The dam hill is short but steep!
Finishing up she saw a cute chipmunk
Always thankful not to see a skunk!
After an afternoon nap STUR was back at the pool again -
Both she and the Beast got in over 3000 meters for the win!
Sunday afternoon STEB stayed cool inside
Decided watching "Jaws" then "Soul Surfer" would be wise!
KBun and friend!
Meanwhile, KBun was out in Muncie, Indiana
To do the 70.3 there as part of her training for Kona
CrAzY rain!!!
The day before she got caught in weather like a monsoon...
Maybe it had something to do with the coming full moon?
The rain washed all the mud off the car...
The road was flooded by her hotel...
What would race day be like? Hopefully swell!
Ahh race morning! So much better!
Saturday morning her wave went off around 8:00 AM
KBun finished the swim bike run - and that's a win!
Happy 70.3 finisher!
Afterwards she celebrated with a cone from Dairy Queen -
Which is a perfect post-race treat if you know what we mean!
Another half Ironman for Team Rabbit?
Another half backpack!

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