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Monday, August 28, 2017

A10 Brick Rap

On Saturday STUR had planned a rare bike ride-
Sheila her bike had spent too much time inside!
She pumped up her tires and headed out after eight-
Very nice indeed to sleep in so late!
Found her pink helmet and bike shoes-
Around Fort Hunt park she would cruise.
For 17.5 miles she sat on that bike seat-
Did a short brick run after- sweet!!
STUR and Miss Tessie!

Afterwards she relaxed around with her pup-
Getting the bike ride done- she was pumped!
Meanwhile STEB picked up the Beast
They were in for a triple training day to say the least
Started things off at Providence REC
They were there for a one-hour swim set
Then a brief dip in the hot tub was next
After that they were off to South Lakes High School for the rest
The Beast and STEB ready to roll!

STEB might have dropped an F bomb or two
When she smashed her knee on the trailer hitch chute
STEB left a little skin on the trailer hitch receptacle!!

Two bike loops on the Reston Tri course
Colts Neck Road was bumpy of sorts
Reminded STEB of Stagecoach Road
From IMWI in 2013 don't you know?
Next up was a short run on the path
They were joined by CBun for that!
CBun, The Beast, and STEB - ready to run!

STEB and CBun might have taken a wrong turn or two
But the tunnel was familiar if you want the truth! 
looks like they are in a bomb shelter here!

After their efforts they went to Chick fil A
Always a great way to top off a training day!

Later on she met RBud for some coffee and a chat
Was it was fun to catch up? As always, natch!
Lots to catch up on!!

Sunday morning started but it was really still night
STEB hit the road at 4:20? That's right!
It was time for the Annapolis Ten mile run-
STEB picked up STUR for the fun!
Got to STUR's house lickety split -
No traffic to speak of to give them a fit
But unfortunately STUR put the wrong address in her Waze-
It sent the two Rabbits on an orange cone maze!
They finally found the right parking lot-
Got there just before the car onslaught!
This bottle opener is very cool!

They picked up their numbers, hat, and bottle opener-
Time to become like a roadrunner!
After packet pick up it was time for a pre race run selfie
It was dark but you could see the reflector on STEB's hat how funny
Rabbit ears at the ready!

They each did some pre race laps around the naval academy stadium-
In the beginning they felt like titanium!
The finish line they will see a little later!

Race is about to start - get to the starting line-
But a last minute trip to the porta potty would be just divine-
No weeds were growing in these porta potties though!

Quick stop over at Bobby's Pottys please -
Then in a group of runners they did squeeze.
STEB was excited to run a new race
And happy that Mother Nature was being nice in this case
The weather wasn't too humid or hot
STEB had a plan and would give all she got
Their ears got a shout out at the start line
The announcer said ‘all wildlife is welcome’ - sounds fine!
Race started well - STUR was running along -
Here comes STEB looking very strong!
The two rabbits met up right before the bridge -
STUR 's knee was being troublesome - just a smidge.
Through the hilly neighborhoods - they went back and forth -
This was good - STUR was never bored!
The rabbit ears also got plenty of love along the way
And the juggler was there as Forrest Gump - how great!
Saw some familiar faces on the course
A selfie while running? Let's be good sports!
It's hard to selfie while running!

STEB enjoyed the hills more than she thought would
The shade was a surprising bonus and that's good
This time the bridge wasn't too bad!

The bridge was really the part with the most sun
A shadow selfie there seemed like fun
Got this idea from P-Diddles!

Next a rabbit selfie on the bridge -
Just up around the corner is the finish passage
Smiling because the finish is not too far now!

The finish line couldn't come soon enough-
After crossing they got to collect their stuff-
A cold hand towel and a pullover hoodie-
Say thank you to the volunteers, don't be snooty!
STUR had a little more running to do -
She told herself she'd run 16 its true!
This meant two more miles on the pre-dawn path...
Glad this didn't require too much math!
STEB loved that ice cold wet towel
And of course the DD ice coffee samples
Iced coconut cream puff coffee? Yes!

Took in the stadium views while STUR knocked out 2 more
Miles that is, she kicked @$$ for sure!
Nice view of the field!

STEB drove them home with a doughnut snack-
They both enjoyed the race - one day they'll be back!

The 42nd edition of the A10 race was a very well run event

Not to be confused with this military jet!

STEB and her training class standing in front of an A-10 back in the day!

STEB is so glad she did this race with STUR
And its always fun to write rhymes after!
Look how pretty Stella is!

CBun was out with Stella by the way
She rode the 30 mile loop of the Reston Century!
This is a great sign!

She and her bike got all warmed up
Are they ready for the Reston Tri? Yup!
They did it!

KBun had a biking double with her coach
Nokesville one day and Cambridge the other no joke
BLUR went on a Saturday run of five miles 
And a swim on Sunday - that makes her smile!
Sunday afternoon, STEB's dog Riley had fun lined up
It was a doggie birthday party with lots of pups!
You see little Kaiser was turning one
And the dogs and humans pawsitively had fun!
Dog parties are the most fun!
STEB's son Andrew got his Jeep back...
And this past rabbit weekend is a wrap!
Not bad for 28 years old!

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