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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

80 to 802 Rap

On Friday morning STUR met BLUR at Reagan National DCA...
They were headed to Vermont to race and play!
The Rabbits are ready to roll!
Or perhaps fly!

Andy picked them up and they went to Montpelier to pick up Jeff-
Headed up to the Northeast Kingdom - they were all set!
All checked in!
(This is much nicer than there last cabin!)

Got all checked in at the cute and quaint Jackson’s Lodge-
A little bit of spitting rain they had to dodge.

After scooting off to get.their numbers at the race site-
They were certainly motivated to find a place for a bite.
Rabbits and company, ready to run!

Pizza, pasta , and fish was consumed at a place called the “Spa”-
Then back to our quiet and dark “Beaver” cabin- ahhhh!
These cabins were so cute!

Saturday morning, PBun started off on the bike kind of early
Just 2 hours in the saddle – no need to be surly!
PBun's bike workout!

Carmen and Diego looked up every time PBun would freewheel!

After that part of her workout was done
She headed out for a 20 minute brick run
Race day is here! Race day is here!
The 802 rabbits weren’t too sure what kind of weather would appear.
Turned out to be a perfect rain free day-
With mostly a nice cloud cover - hey hey hey!
Appreciating the scenery!

The race course was rolling terrain with an out and back-
So many water stops the organizers weren’t slack!
BLUR finished her 5k beautifully and was a happy bunny-
She got her medal and a massage and it became warm and sunny.
Way to go, BLUR!

Meanwhile the other three were still out getting it done-
STUR got to wave hello to Andy and Jeff - that was fun!
One covered bridge is all they would encounter-
Lots of course marshals- you couldn’t get lost for sure!
THE bridge!

STUR was nearing the end and she was happy-
Looked behind and saw a race walker - that got her going snappy snappy!
The rest of the gang was finished and waiting -
She got her medal and a snack without hesitating.
Happy finishers!

Cleaned up and they were all ready for a trip across the border-
A visit to a gorge and a swinging pedestrian bridge was in order!
Crossing this bridge was the most fun!

Hiked around and climbed 120 steps to the top of a tower-
Even after racing that very day they had the power!
Hellooooo down there!

Dinner was great but afterwards was the best treat of all-
Ice cream cones or cups dipped in luxurious chocolate- what a ball!
I scream, you scream...now we all want ice cream!

The group was tired and headed back to the US of A for the night-
Could sleep in the next day- out of sight!
The Beast and MRab were busy over at General Smallwood State Park
You know they were not there on a lark!
General Smallwood Bling!

The Beast killed all the competition in the Sprint Aquabike
While MRab got on podium again in the Olympic Tri - all right! 
In the afternoon PBun headed out to a celebration
Her Aunt Shirley was turning 80 and lots of folks were there – no hesitation
PBun with the birthday 'girl'!!

They had a rocking DJ spinning some tunes
Aunt Shirley was truly touched and over the moon!
There was lots of fun and dancing was to be had
PBun tried her hand at swing with cousin Bruce and wasn’t too bad!
Next morning in the 802 they enjoyed a special Father’s Day buffet-
So much yummy food they could have stayed all day!
On their way back to the Capitol city they made a special stop:
Dog Mountain had a pet chapel and a pet gallery where you can shop.
What a beautiful pet chapel.

An artist named Stephen Huneck once made this his home-beautiful place-
Lots of pictures and tributes to dogs who had moved on in this space.
This place is so touching and sweet.


STUR and BLUR took a moment down by a pond-
For their sweeties Aidan and Tessie who have also moved on:
Back in town time for a walking tour of the local sights-
Pet stores and bike shops are always alright!
One last lovely dinner with the rabbits' wonderful hosts...
They loved relaxing and racing in the Green Mountain State the most!!!
Meanwhile PBun was off on her long run
She had 3x 6 minutes of intervals at threshold to get done
Ran over to Deerlick Park to do this deed
And did loops around the path hidden in the trees
PBun is happy those threshold repeats are over!

Afterwards she did some outdoor decorating at home
Then headed to her pool to do a recovery swim, don’t you know?
PBun loves her new swim towel!

Then it was time to head to her cousins for more family festivities
She and the Goodmanator were happy to see everyone you see
It was nice to have so many folks gather for her aunt’s big 80
They came from near and far and did so with glee!
Back at home she put finishing touches on her patio lights
Riley was happy to be outside - she was smiling with delight!
Smiley Riley and patio star lights!

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