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Monday, June 24, 2019

Tire Line Rap

Friday night PBun went to a party at her pool
And even did a little line dancing which was cool
The keg was on ice!
The Electric Slide, Kokomo, and two more
She's looking forward to the next gathering, that's for sure!
Party people!
Saturday morning PBun had another brick on tap
It was a recovery week so it was short n sweet at that
Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...
An hour 15 of bike threshold intervals
Followed by a 20 minute run, that's all
On Saturday morning STUR thought Reston was the place to be-
For an early morning swim practice you see!
Jumped in and got in a nice looong swim-
Then she had to head over to the CrossFit gym!
Another partner workout extravaganza-
With running, kettlebell swings, and assault bike it was a cardio bonanza!
Afterwards words STUR and friends worked on some extracurricular skills-
They were glad this doesn’t pay the bills
They flipped some tires and practiced going upside down-
STUR found it somewhat scary but she didn’t frown!
In the afternoon PBun did a few things in her yard out back
Hanging some more festive lights is certainly not whack!
Solar rice lights are the most fun!

Riley enjoyed hanging out there too
Smiling as always - that's the truth!
Smiley Riley!
CBun and HRab did a little hiking
The Tuscarora Overlook had no bears that were frightening
CBun and HRab, ready for their hike!

Which way did they go?

Bear or No bear? That is the question!

All in all, Saturday was a good Rabbit day
Because those bunnies got out to play!
Sunday morning STUR picked up the Beast-
Happy to be swimming in 50 meters to say the least!
OKM is a great place to swim!
Next they had a hankering for some food-
After a meeting with Lazlo they were in the mood.
And of course nothing could be finer-
Than to eat brunch at Bob and Edith’s diner!
Waiting to order at Bob & Edith's Diner!
Sunday morning PBun had a shorter long run
Also with threshold repeats of a shorter duration
Deerlick Park is a great place to do threshold repeats!
Afterwards she met NanWa at the movies
Seeing Aladdin kept them singing – how groovy
As per the usual they finished up with coffee
Followed by a quick trip to CVS, you see!
CVS Selfie!
BLUR continued her training for next month’s aquabike-
A spin in Rock Creek and a swim if you like!
If this not enough, MRab got crazy with a new license plate:
Only a triathlete could figure this out!

Turns out he is crazier because he ran and biked all night to keep the pace!
MRab is a total bad @$$!!

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