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Monday, July 15, 2019

Colonial Beach Rap

Even though a slacking lifeguard started her Saturday swim late
STUR got in a good amount of meterage as her fate!
PBun taking a short biking break!

Both K and P Buns had a long bike ride to conquer
Before they could go off and play with the rest of the bunny herd
But first PBun took Riley for a short walk and saw an interesting sight
It was a rhinoceros beetle carcass lying on the ground all right!
This guy was huge!

CBun was supposed to swim four miles at Swim For (Your) Life
It was so warm she was only allowed to go three - oh what strife!
CBun is ready to swim for her life!

Oh buoy!
Team Rabbit descended on Colonial Beach in one fell swoop-
The town is lucky because they are such a fun group!
They stayed at the very convenient River Edge Inn for the night…
Some Rabbits could see transition from their window-out of sight!
Packet pickup - check!

Transition walk through is the most fun!

The rabbit group for dinner kept multiplying till it was a party of 9
Lighthouse Restaurant had no problem with that, which was fine
The food really was good!

The food was good but the service was...unreliable
One rabbit had to get a Ledo's Pizza in the end - no bull!!
Four rabbits got a little post-meal treat at Nancy's
The ice cream was delish though the place wasn't fancy
Nancy's hit the sweet spot!

Service was however fast and friendly!
After a short time they were on their way
Trying to get the entire pier arch in the picture!

After dinner and dessert the Rabbits walked to the Municipal Pier
Along the way they did the Macarena – pinky swear!
The sunset was fab!
And...they're walkin!

Saw a lovely sunset and of course took a rabbit selfie
Now it was time for the rabbits to hit the hay!
CBun engaged in some late night fly swatting-
For their demise it could have been plotting
Race morning arrived before they knew it
The rabbits hopped around getting transition set up
Lovely morning out on the Potomac River!

A lovely sunrise view greeted them early
And the sky brightened up pretty quickly!
The rabbits are rarin' to go!

Finally time to mosey on down to the water
Would STUR's shoes be by the trashcan later?
MRab was the first of Team Rabbit to enter
He was finally spotted later on the run!
STUR, KBun, and PBun were up next
Time to put those swimming chops to the test
The Beast went next with the final Oly related group
On to the Sprint waves if you want the scoop
CBun was up and then it was BLUR’s turn
All racers were off to get those medals they would earn!
It was agreed that current was felt out there
But those rabbits, they got the swim done, never fear!
Next up of course was the bike leg
They had done a course preview so no surprises
What goes down, must go up
Rabbits always remember to 'embrace the suck'!
There was a big hill and BLUR was scared
But with hard work and training she did prevail
STUR was glad her bad ass biking friends thought the course was hilly -
For all the complaining she felt a lot less silly!
All the rabbits made the hills their b*tch
Too bad the course wasn't flatter was their wish!
It was fun seeing all the rabbits along the course
And in the end no one had race remorse!
The crowd shouted, “the bunnies are here the bunnies are here,
Team Rabbit, Team Rabbit we love your ears!”
STUR forgot to put on her ears in transition
Perhaps getting out fast was her mission?
Would you believe the Oly run turnaround was at
The restaurant they been to the night before, how about that?
One bunny got on the podium; we knew he would,
Because his engine it's primed with beer, fine wine, and good food
Congrats, MRab!

The rabbits gathered near the finish line
Because it was post-race selfie time!
Happy smiling finishers!
"That's a wrap!"

Because it's tradition!

Then KBun swatted a fly in the other rabbit room
With the handy dandy swatter that was there we presume
Before the rabbit girls headed home they made a quick stop
At 7-Eleven for Slurpees and Cokes which rocked
On the trip back home in one rabbit car
A big bee came along for the ride to be sure
It was tricky trying to get him out
But he got away safely without a doubt!
Team Rabbit descended on Colonial Beach and it was a thrill!
They swam in the Potomac River and conquered the bike hills,
Some ran the road, and all did their best…
They competed far and above the rest.

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