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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Counting Kittens Rap

PBun felt like she started her weekend on Thursday night
Had dinner with friends visiting from the Sunshine State – all right!
By Saturday it was more of the usual schedule:
Trainer ride then a 20 minute transition run is the rule!
On Saturday STUR discovered the Reston Masters are a tough group-
The workout was as usual even though the water was 89 degree soup!
Yes they did fast 100’s with hardly a rest gap-
STUR was the only one who swam without her cap!
Next up PBun and Riley took a little road trip
Up to Acme, PA – it would be quick
This was the weekend she would bring home her kitten
With little Meowser she is certainly smitten! 
Riley with Mamma, Izzy and Meowser's brother Archie!

Sunday brought a special summertime swim meet-
STUR headed to the UMBC 50 meter pool in the heat!
Met up with Betty - a swim friend from Lane 4 -
She helped her find her way to the pool - score!
Restively small group for the 1500 that warmed up in the pool -
Unfortunately it didn’t help the participants stay that cool!
Betty hopped in heat 2 and banged out her 1 mile -
STUR waited for her heat all the while.
STUR waiting to get in the water!

STUR didn’t ask for a counter but she got one anyway...
At lap 15 the card said 17 you don’t say?
STUR figured she had simply counted wrong -
So she continued swimming right along!
When she finished she found out her fate-
She had shortened the swim by one 100- don’t hate!
Next up was the 100 meter sprint-
NOT having to worry about counting? Heaven sent!
Sunday morning PBun and Stilt went for a run
Thankfully only part of it was under the hot sun
Trail scenes!

They were on the Coal and Coke Trail
Which was formerly was part of the B&O rail! 
The old B&O RR!

At the end they took a railroad selfie
Not trying to play chicken with a train you see!  
RR selfie time!

After that it was over to the Y to lift a few weights
By now they were hungry for heaven’s sake!
Next up was the usual family breakfast at Main Street Deli
They have a 1952 Seeburg jukebox there and it was nifty!
1952 Seeburg on the left and PBun's 1956 Seeburg on the right!
Cool tidbit: You can see a 1952 in action here!

Finally it was time for PBun to hit the road
With Riley and Meowser in tow to their humble abode! 
He did SO WELL on the car ride home!

The new kitty briefly met Carmen and Diego…
Will they all get along? Let’s hope so! 
Meowser, getting settled in!

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