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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Riley Will Rock You Rap

STUR started off her weekend with an eight mile sunset paddle on the Potomac-
No photographic evidence but she enjoyed every moment!
From Columbia Island to up Rock Creek -
All the monuments at night she got a peek!
Saturday morning out to Reston Masters is the routine -
Just 200 meters shy of three miles, which was super keen!
The water was a perfect temperature at 82.9 -
Compared to last week, it was feeling fine!
Also that morning just after the crack
PBun met up with Jeff to pick up KBun – that’s a fact
Because they got started a little bit late...
Detours for construction traffic was their fate
Headed East, over the William Preston Lane, Jr., Memorial Bridge
You know what that means, they were going to ride in Cambridge!
There was a little bit of beach traffic with which to contend
But they arrived at the school just fine in the end
Ready to roll!

Did the loop of the IMMD course followed by an out and back
That was on the Eagleman course, so they did not have to backtrack!
Only one instance of wildlife was seen – a black snake
Spotted only by Jeff for goodness’ sake! 
Quick stop at Gootee's Marine Store!

There were quite a few dragonflies flitting around
And, sadly, there was bunny roadkill on the ground.
The section through the Blackwater Refuge wasn’t too wet
And the ‘hill’ had fresh markings, not that they would miss that!
The blue circle is where they stopped!

After they were all finished with the ride
Headed out for a transition run – no surprise!
STUR and PBun are ready to rumble!

On Sunday two rabbits met up at a race - Riley’s Rumble-
It was a success, and neither STUR or PBun took a tumble!
STUR and PBun essentially ran the first three miles together
Hills less noticeable at first and so was the weather.
PBun turned around to finish her 8keh
STUR stayed on the course – more time to play!
So many rolling hills to be found…
At Mile 9 STUR got a Popsicle – can she get another round?
The last three miles was a hill festival –
By that point the humidity was really detectable.
The finish line is now in sight –
Yummy, yummy watermelon to be had – alright!!!!
Then headed to PBun’s house with a Slurpee in hand…
Boy is that kitty Meowser cute, oh man!!!
Tuesday night a few rabbits gathered to take in a cool scene...
At CapOne Arena, they were super excited to see Queen!!!

PBun admitted she was also excited to see Adam Lambert
But it was agreed that Brian and Roger still had it!!
It was super awesome to see them perform live
And video of Freddie Mercury was a nice surprise!
Now that is a crown!

Beforehand, they met up for dinner at Vapiano’s
They serve fast food, Italian, don't you know?

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