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Monday, February 24, 2014

Down Under Rap - Part 1

Twenty-one hours of flying?  It's really no fuss!
Good thing that it's not, since you can't take a bus!
Our Virgin  Australia 777 Jet was the biggest I've seen-
Makes for little turbulence so I didn't turn green!
My wonderful Aussie friend Karen picked us up at the airport-
During our whole time in Oz she was such a good sport!
Dropped our bags at Karen's cool Aussie home,
And into Brisbane's city center we did roam!
Tim bought a National Rugby League shirt -
They won't play the Vikings so what does it hurt!?
Can you believe it? The team he picked is called the RABBIT Oh's!?
He was drawn to the cute bunny on it I suppose!
We later fell asleep pretty much sitting up-
Good thing neither of us was holding a cup!
Popped up the next morning for a drive to Coolengatto on the Gold Coast-
Where my favorite movie "Muriel's Wedding" was filmed - it can boast!
Toured the site of  many scenes in the movie for a bit
Shouted in delight, "Goodbye, Porpoise Spit!"
Before I go any further I have to mention all the interesting Australian birds-
They make sounds that in the US we have never heard!
One particular prevalent bird was the Australian White Ibis-
Many Aussies consider their presence to be quite a pest!
Got my first swim in the lovely Pacific-
The sand, waves, and water temperature were certainly terrific!
After dinner and a happy hour SRab felt something wasn't quite right/
Being sick while here would certainly be a fright-
Sick indeed she was and visited the "chemist" for medication-
She would only be afflicted for about a day during this vacation!
Spent the night in a wonderful condo by the ocean side-
No beach I have ever seen quite compares - I won't lie!
Went for a drive to Kunugra - it's in the countryside.
"We should play the lottery!" - my hubby Tim cried!
We did and won $12 dollars exactly -
Spent it on gifts for our friends very happily!
Got the wonderful chance to meet Karen's sweet Mum and Dad;
So neat to see her childhood home - we were glad!
Seems we still had a bit of the "lag"-
Slept another 12 hours I ain't gonna brag!
Next up was a 4 day excursion to Sydney the "City of Brides!"
To get there would take just a short airplane ride!
Still tired (sick?) once we arrived, so a nap was the plan.
Then out into the streets of Sydney we ran!
Our first sighting of the Sydney Opera House took our breath away-
Then around it and on its steps we did play!

Betty and SRab - Down Under!
Had dinner and our waitress was from Minnesota - a Vikings fan!
She was glad to live where all year you can get a tan!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of SRab's Down Under Rap!

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