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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lone Rabbit Rap

It was all quiet on the Team Rabbit home front, it's true.
So what was a lone bunny to do? 
To be sure a little activity was done - 
And there was even a little time for fun!
Saturday morn brought an awesome indoor spin;
Coach Melissa's group was at it again!
Door prizes were handed out? You don't say!
That was a great way to pass the time away.
But you had to know the answers or win a challenge while standing
EBun skipped that part due to a little hamstring cramping!
Saturday afternoon brought a little fun in the snow
Red sugar snowballs show up better when they're thrown!
Sunday the day was a little more relaxed
An easy treadmill session didn't leave EBun taxed
There was also coffee and annual plan discussion
Getting talked off the FOMO ledge about a certain run!
Stay tuned for more updates from Team Rabbit
SRab will have the most AUsome blog post yet!
Red Sugar Snowballs!

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