There's always room for another race!

There's always room for another race!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lone Rabbit Rap

It was all quiet on the Team Rabbit home front, it's true.
So what was a lone bunny to do? 
To be sure a little activity was done - 
And there was even a little time for fun!
Saturday morn brought an awesome indoor spin;
Coach Melissa's group was at it again!
Door prizes were handed out? You don't say!
That was a great way to pass the time away.
But you had to know the answers or win a challenge while standing
EBun skipped that part due to a little hamstring cramping!
Saturday afternoon brought a little fun in the snow
Red sugar snowballs show up better when they're thrown!
Sunday the day was a little more relaxed
An easy treadmill session didn't leave EBun taxed
There was also coffee and annual plan discussion
Getting talked off the FOMO ledge about a certain run!
Stay tuned for more updates from Team Rabbit
SRab will have the most AUsome blog post yet!
Red Sugar Snowballs!

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