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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Down Under Rap - Part 2

Next day a run by the Opera House for SRab and a wander in the botanical gardens for Tim -
Then breakfast by the water on a whim!
Ferry to Manley Beach was on our bucket list.
More beautiful views of the Sydney harbor if you insist!
Once at the beach caught both a surfing and a skateboard competition.
Then found some yummy ice cream for which we were wishing!
Took a walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge -
Believe it or not for Tim the pilot it took some courage!
But he did it and we walked 8 miles total for the day-
24 more hours  in Sydney- to that we say "hooray!"
On Friday took a bus to the famous Bondi Beach
Cameras filming "Bondi Beach Rescue" were within our reach!
Took a gorgeous 5k walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte;
Beautiful vistas of the Pacific we would see!
Swim in a 50 meter pool right on the ocean?
No way I would skip it - THAT'S for certain!

Amazing 50-Meter Pool by the Ocean! 

Even though I knew the water was cold,
When I saw the pool's beauty I was completely sold!
Back to Sydney and time for a drink...
The bar at the Opera House is the place, don't you think?!
So fun to people watch at their Valentine's Day happy hour.
More than one person had gotten a flower!
Last morning in Sydney and I visited a gym;
On Saturday morning it was filled to the brim!
Head back to the airport to fly back up to Queensland.
To spend six more nights in Brisbane - isn't that grand?
Our apartment hotel on the South Bank had great views of the city center -
Three minute run and you're by the river - what a winner!
On Sunday we had a most laid back day:
An outdoor concert by the river - you don't say?
Yes, Karen organized some of her friends for "Sunday session on the green"
With drinks and food it was the place to be seen!

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  1. Lovin' the pool!
    It's so very cool!
    What a trip you had
    I want to go so very bad!